On the seventeenth of June Škofja Loka hosted “TEK ŠTIRIH MOSTOV” – Run of four bridges. One of many wow factors of this town are it’s bridges which served as parts of 10km long running course.

This year there was 969 of competitors Men, Women, and Children that ran the distance and congrats to all of them, but Hats down to Listabarth Stephan who beat the record with his jaw dropping time of 0:30:24

Roadtrip to Wonderland

I have been working on a story about Divjina Dirt park for almost two years now and I have to say how happy I am to be a part of the crew or should I say brotherhood that is making the park that awesome. Yet this week we decide to fresh things up a bit. We packed our bags, filled our car tanks and drive south through an amazing landscape over hills and villages while being cooled by a fresh breeze of Soca river. We drove to Nova Gorica from where we hardly found the right way to the wonderland that we were promised.


After almost 4 hours of driving we finally reached our destination. I was amazed! I truly was. The park was spotless, the jumps were shaped perfectly and the flow of the park was just brilliant! yet it wasn’t the park alone that left me spechless it was the fact that all of it was made with one pair of hands. Hands of one very talented rider and shaper, builder and artist Nik Rijavec our hoast.

The boys were riding til the last light of the day and after that we spent our evening with the locals and Italian bike crew that we meet over the day.

An amazing weekend with superb group of people! Can’t wait to this sort of trip again!

Gipsy Trip

This years gypsy trip started in Bovec. We arrived there quite late so we didn’t make much progress the first day, but we did find a nice quiet beach on wich we set our camp for the first night. Since it was an opening to our trip we decided to celebrate it a bit (too much). In the middle of the night at one side of the valley the clouds started dancing with each other and created lightnings and thunder and overwhelming view. We only hoped that it wasn’t directed towards us but oh it was. It hit us within minutes just in time to get to safety where we softly fell asleep.




image-6 image-7


Next day it was the hot sun that woke us up. We took time for breakfast and morning swim in cold Soča river. After packing things up we started walking and we did over 15 kilometers on Alpe Adria Trail but at the last stop we took a wrong turn and lost a lot of time and more important water so we had no chance but to take a bus to Kobarid where we set up a camp in some swamp type field. In the evening we went to the town to one of the oldest pizza places in Slovenia.







On the third day it was the sun that woke us up yet again. The horrible air in the tent and the frogs and all the others loud animals didn’t help. So we quickly packed up our things and marched on to the town where we left our backpacks and we had a quick tour on World War One memorial statue Kostnica from wich we continued a path to Kozjak waterfall. After sightseeing we started making progress and in mid day we reached Tolmin. We finally took a
shower in Soča river and afterwards when we un-freezed ourself we chilled on the beach for a while enjoying the sunset and the progress that we did that day.




It was not the sun that woke us up this morning it was the sound of rain. Heavy rain kept us closed in our tent for the better part of the day but as soon as we could we continued our journey to Most na Soči where we aboared on a train towards Kanal. A nice village full of culture gave us a warm welcome with cold beer and wine.




We woke up, had a cup of coffee and kept on going. Southern of Kanal there is a factory Anhavo that we passed by but a few kilometers later we met an old horse keeper that used to work there. He kindly offered us a glass of wine.

3 hours later we continued our trip semi drunk. But we did get to Nova Gorica which was our destination.










One of the three companions gave us a sad news. He decided to give up the trip due to his blisters and university related problems. After lunch we said farewell and marched on towards Šempeter. As we lost one member we gained one more. It was Luidgi the shoping cart and he didn’t mind caring our luggage. We made it to the train station from where we rode to Štanjel. An old medieval castle town was a real eye treat in which we spent most of the day exploring the colture and bottoms of wine glasses. It was in the evening that we started walking towards Dutovlje where we set up a camp in the middle of the wineyard.









Cars, trucks and tractors were our alarm clock that morning. After coffee we made our way to Sežana. There we made a new plan about the trip. We decide to go on a Bazovanian road which crosses a border with Italy. We arrived in Ba sovizza town and as soon as we wanted to go on towards Slovenia we realized that the road was not friendly on foot. So we hiked on alternative way which lead us uphill and well soon enough the road stopped and the view unfolded. We were above Trieste and more important we finally saw the seaside and to make things even
more glorious the sun was going down and the sunset colours were reflecting in the sea. We set up a tent right there close to the edge. In the middle of the night we discovered that that idea wasn’t really the best due  strong winds from coast lines. We grabed our tent and relocate it in more bushy place where we had a good night sleep..


image-48 image-50
image-55  image-54  image-58  image-59


In the morning we changed our course once again. Instead going to Slovenia we went down hill to Trieste where we did some sight seeing You are not really in Italy until you eat proper It alian pizza which was really good. Since we were full and the sun was high and hot we decide to t ake a different type of transport to Slovenian coast line. We bought tickets for a ship which dropped us in Piran where the GypsyTrip ended.

image-60 image-62


image-65  image-66

It was such an amazing experience to travel these 180 km of which 150km was on foot. The sun was hot, the backpacks were heavy, shoulders wer e sore, our clothes were smelly but the memories are precious..


Peter Hafner memoriam is a festival dedicated to a high school professor who changed so many lives.
He was more than a professor, he was a friend and a good company to all of his students and beyond. In his free time he organised extra math lessons as well as music events in Ostriga.
What better way to honour his memory than a two day music festival in a place he helped build. l-3 l-4 l-5 l-6 l-7 l-8 l-9 l-10 l-11 l-12 l-13 l-14 l-15 l-16 l-17 l-18 l-19 l-20 l-21 l-22

Castle vibe

One summer night Škofja Loka was wearing flags of Laibach.
Notorious Slovenian struck with all they had and they had a lot!
Playing over half of their latest album Spectre and all of the old classics like Rossiya, Tanz mit Laibach and God is God.
The energy and lights and sound and noise and the whole experience was beyond describing.

An unexpected journey


Last summer me and my buddy Miha Veber had an idea to do a bike trip to Tolmin Slovenia.
We started our journey in Škofja Loka at about 6:00 am and for the rest of the morning climb our bikes to a beautiful mountain village of Sorica where we had a few sips of coffee. From there was downhill (thank god) to a town Podbrdo.
Bumpy road continued to our destination Tolmin. After 70 km of uncomfortable bike seat my bottom was so happy to sit down at a pizza place and had a (n)ice cold beer. We noticed that the town was full of long haired, black shirted people.. It hit us. Metaldays were that week.
The hour was late and we had no place to crash. We saw a hill above the town and said “oh well” we hiked up there, set up a camp, chill out a bit and went to bed.
After a fresh morning coffee we packed up our stuff and head down to town to get some breakfast. As soon as we saw how much fun people were having at the festival we made a choice to buy the ticket.. the temptation was just too big.
Unfortunately we arrived at the last tree days of the fest but it matters not. Bands were great, shows were amazing, people super nice, beer ice cold, and all this in the most beautiful environment.
After the last show we woke up into a rainy morning so the next move was obvious, hop on a train and get home.
And so our trip ends with in wet clothes, smiles on our faces and full of foggy yet beautiful memories in our mind.

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