On the seventeenth of June Škofja Loka hosted “TEK ŠTIRIH MOSTOV” – Run of four bridges. One of many wow factors of this town are it’s bridges which served as parts of 10km long running course.

This year there was 969 of competitors Men, Women, and Children that ran the distance and congrats to all of them, but Hats down to Listabarth Stephan who beat the record with his jaw dropping time of 0:30:24

Roadtrip to Wonderland

I have been working on a story about Divjina Dirt park for almost two years now and I have to say how happy I am to be a part of the crew or should I say brotherhood that is making the park that awesome. Yet this week we decide to fresh things up a bit. We packed our bags, filled our car tanks and drive south through an amazing landscape over hills and villages while being cooled by a fresh breeze of Soca river. We drove to Nova Gorica from where we hardly found the right way to the wonderland that we were promised.


After almost 4 hours of driving we finally reached our destination. I was amazed! I truly was. The park was spotless, the jumps were shaped perfectly and the flow of the park was just brilliant! yet it wasn’t the park alone that left me spechless it was the fact that all of it was made with one pair of hands. Hands of one very talented rider and shaper, builder and artist Nik Rijavec our hoast.

The boys were riding til the last light of the day and after that we spent our evening with the locals and Italian bike crew that we meet over the day.

An amazing weekend with superb group of people! Can’t wait to this sort of trip again!