An unexpected journey


Last summer me and my buddy Miha Veber had an idea to do a bike trip to Tolmin Slovenia.
We started our journey in Škofja Loka at about 6:00 am and for the rest of the morning climb our bikes to a beautiful mountain village of Sorica where we had a few sips of coffee. From there was downhill (thank god) to a town Podbrdo.
Bumpy road continued to our destination Tolmin. After 70 km of uncomfortable bike seat my bottom was so happy to sit down at a pizza place and had a (n)ice cold beer. We noticed that the town was full of long haired, black shirted people.. It hit us. Metaldays were that week.
The hour was late and we had no place to crash. We saw a hill above the town and said “oh well” we hiked up there, set up a camp, chill out a bit and went to bed.
After a fresh morning coffee we packed up our stuff and head down to town to get some breakfast. As soon as we saw how much fun people were having at the festival we made a choice to buy the ticket.. the temptation was just too big.
Unfortunately we arrived at the last tree days of the fest but it matters not. Bands were great, shows were amazing, people super nice, beer ice cold, and all this in the most beautiful environment.
After the last show we woke up into a rainy morning so the next move was obvious, hop on a train and get home.
And so our trip ends with in wet clothes, smiles on our faces and full of foggy yet beautiful memories in our mind.

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